Write Every Day…Start A Blog!

By Alana Alsop

I write every day. I’m not bragging, I write every day because I know that if I want to become a better writer, that is the only way. I also know that if I want to become a better editor, I need to be a better writer. I tried setting my alarm every day as a reminder to write but, I just ignored it. I finally got on track by not focusing on what time I wrote but, what I wrote about. I decided to start a blog (this one) and another one completely unrelated to writing. What happened is that I forgot about the duty of writing and wrote for the sheer joy of it. This is how I am able to write four blog posts and finish an article during the long 4th of July weekend. I may be writing between cookouts with a glass of wine in hand, but I am writing and I am having a good time doing it.

In my last blog “Write What You Love, Love What You Write,” I talked about switching genre’s and those authors who mastered it. Blogging is another way to experiment with writing about something else and because a blog comes out at a minimum of once a week, you get your writing exercise in – it’s better than a weekly gym appointment (for your writing that is, not for your waistline).

I use Wix for my blogs. It’s easy, the templates are customizable and you have a team of Wix professional web developers at your disposal to fix problems and answer questions. Wix templates are gorgeous and you don’t need to know how to code. Not to mention, it’s so easy and it’s fun and you may find a way to make yourself some extra money in the process. If you decide to start a blog using the link I provided, I will get affiliate income but, I use Wix for two blogs and two websites and I get so many compliments on the look and feel! You won’t be disappointed.

So, enough about blogging. Just write. Write every day. Write crappy stuff, write your best stuff, write crappy stuff that after editing becomes your best stuff. Oh, and don’t skip writing because of the holidays, observing people and situations, talking to your friends and relatives, participating in the ritual of the holiday, are great for getting writing material. We write best when we write about what we know after all.

Happy Writing!

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