What To Do When You Can't Write Another Word!

My brain is fried. I have been spending time strengthening my other businesses, and while I have been working on my other sites I have neglected this blog a little. The blessing of working for myself and owning a business is that I can spend my time where I need to, and as it happens, I needed to spend time with my other businesses.

It’s been awesome! I needed to refocus for a bit so 2019 could be my best year ever but, it made me realize that not everyone feels the same about taking writing breaks. Some writers consider this to be a failure. Don’t believe it! Not writing is okay, just be productive when you aren't writing so you can go back to your work refreshed and recharged. Do this instead:

1. READ I’ve said this before because there is no better advice. Reading is not a luxury for writers it is an essential part of your writing practice. Reading makes you a better writer. Also, there is inspiration and motivation to be found in those pages!

2. JOURNAL I know I said these are ideas to help you when you don’t want to write, but this doesn’t count. Your journal entries are for you and you alone so you can write about anything you want.

3. TAKE A NAP Yup you can get your best ideas in that place between wakefulness and sleep. Plus, being properly rested will make you a better writer. Rest makes you a better everything.

4. SLAY BOREDOM Maybe you can’t write because you have nothing to write about. Blasphemy right? What I mean is perhaps you are uninspired. So run away for a day, go somewhere, do something, see something. You can do all of this without leaving your city. Take pictures. Pay attention to what people are talking about, have a good meal and drink some wine, then hit the page.

5. DANCE IT OUT Yes, get in some exercise! Put on some Prince, pull down the shades, take off your shoes and get moving. Exercise gets endorphins flowing, wakes you up and makes you feel alive, and you need those feel good hormones to help you create.

If after taking these steps you don’t feel ready to hit the pages again then I got nothing for you! Just kidding, contact me and we’ll work it out together.

Happy Writing!

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